Daily Devotional

     A few years ago I served as the president of the women’s organization in my church congregation. In this capacity, I had the opportunity of being aware of and learning from the most amazing women. The ones who impressed me the most, were the ones who were extremely dedicated to teaching their children about God and His gospel.

     One day I went to the home of a young mother in our ward congregation. As I waited for her to answer the door, I saw through the window, her little children seated on tiny chairs in front of her.  She came to the door with a scripture book in her hand.  She explained that they were having their “Daily Devotional.”  So many times, this precious scene has come to my mind as well as the consistent dedication of this mother to teach her children about the Lord and his gospel.

     Not only do we need to have consistent times of teaching gospel lessons by word and deed to our children, but we need to have our own daily devotional.  I know a Vision Quest coach named Sheri Joy who refers to this as our individual “Sacred Time.”  I personally draw so much strength from this time that I talk to my Heavenly FAther in prayer, ponder, and study His Word.  This past summer, I started reading the scriptures outside whenever possible.  I find that when I connect with nature, calm the mind, and call upon God, my “Sacred Time” goes to a deeper level of peace and empowerment.

     I was reminded recently in my study, that the Word of God is the iron rod.  So, if I want to return to my Father in Heaven some day and have Eternal life in His presence, I MUST hold fast to that iron rod of His word.  It will be my guide on the path.  There is somethings grounding and safe about this precious path.  It is powerful to start your day, holding securely to that rod.  I want to say out loud, “I got it Lord.  I’ve caught hold and I won’t let go.”

Please join me in having a Daily Devotional or “Sacred Time” in which we talk to God, ponder, and study His word.

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