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Hi everyone! I’m JoLyn Holladay owner of Essential Answers LLC. I want to share something that’s helping me SWITCH TO BE ENERGY RICH. Now why might YOU want this information? Negative drains US! Just like in math, negative “takes away,” literally zapping our energy and effectiveness, whereas positive thoughts, emotions and actions add to our energy. How would you like to have more energy and more than that, “ENJOYMENT ENERGY?”
I’ll be honest, although there are many things I enjoy in my life, there are times when I get frustrated, irritated, impatient, angry, and even resentful. I’m sure this happens to all of us. I’m trying to recognize the signs of when these emotions start so that I can make a switch to the positive. It’s a choice and a choice that I would like to make more often, especially in family matters.
When I recognize those negative emotions, I can choose to make the switch, or sadly, turn into a witch!!!! Funny but true. Although I may feel completely justified when i spew out my poison potion, I am sick about it soon after because it affects everyone adversely. Just ask my children who recently experienced this poison at a Sunday birthday dinner. Right as we sat down to eat, I chewed them all out for sitting on their butts (please forgive my french), with their faces in their phones, while I worked my fingers to the bone. Although it was ok to let them know how I felt and my beef was justified, I had allowed myself to let negative take over to rule, reign, & even RUIN, a special family time.
I could have handled this in a productive, positive way, such as s saying, “Hey guys, could I ask for some help in here? If we work together the dinner will be on in no time.” “Hazel, (I’m changing the name to protect the guilty) will you please peel the potatoes? Jared, will you please set the table, and Erica, will you make the salad, please?”
Instead I let first a negative thought, (like “Why am I doing this alone? They should be helping me), fester like a pimple until it popped and infected everything around it.
In my defense, I did apologize to my children later that night, especially the birthday boy, but apologies don’t erase mistakes, they just acknowledge them.
I’ve done a lot of thinking since then, so that negative incident doesn’t happen again. I’m trying to recognize when I’m feeling negative and make a conscious choice to switch to positive thought and emotion which will be followed by positive actions. I choose to switch to be energy rich!

Love and Belief!
JoLyn HOlladay

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  1. You are always so wise JoLyn. Sometimes when I blow it with my family I ask if we can rewind and do a DO OVER. It is a concept that everyone understands because we all make mistakes…
    It’s nice to know that sometimes we have the opportunity to go back and correct our attitudes and say what is really in our hearts instead of reacting to the moment….

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