Glass Half Empty or Half Full

Last night my husband wanted to take us to Kakela Beach in Laie, HI. He was actually baptized by his father there as a child. It has this awesome little tide-pool, protected from the waves, which is great for children and for snorkeling. He had taken the kids a few days ago while I was doing something else and he wanted to show me. It was evening and we didn’t have much daylight left. Well, I’m sure you have heard of and experienced Murphy’s law: If something can go wrong it will. We finally got both little ones in their suits and were in our final preparations to go out the door.

Our 3 year old came to announce that his sister had a “poop accident” which turned out to be a “poop incident of major proportions!” –in the suit, out of the suit, everywhere! Gross! Where do you even start in these situations? Goodness what a mess! I finally had her standing in the tub while I was cleaning the suit, etc. The whole time I am doing that, she is singing this made up song, “Oh how I love my beautiful mommy, she is wonderful, yes I love her. She smells like a beautiful flower” etc… She was obviously trying to soften my heart and repent in some way because she could tell this accident was a major incident and “not too fun for mom and dad!”

We finally get her, the suit, and the environment cleaned up, when the 3 year old announces that he has pooped in his swimsuit! Are you seriously kidding me? It was like a bad dream or a bad doo doo day! So, We go through the whole process with him, shower him off and sit him on the potty before putting on the spare suit. The kid is in training so we forgets to “direct it down” spraying it out of the toilet, down his leg, and onto the floor. Are you serious? “Holy Cow kid! Can’t you aim?”

I shower him off again, clean up the bathroom, get the new suit on and my husband says, “We might as well forget it, it’s so late.” “Are you serious,” I say? “Dang it! We are going after all of this work!” There’s also this edgy thought in my mind “and THIS is supposed to be a vacation!!! Yeah Right!

We get everyone in the car and start to drive and I decide to change my perspective to a positive one. Oh my heck! We are so blessed! What if we had been in the car (the borrowed one with the borrowed carseat), when the poop accidents happened? We are seriously so lucky! Plus we had extra, clean swimsuits for both kids, the accidents didn’t happen on carpet or bedding, yadda, yadda, yadda!

We get to Kakela and it is sooo neat! The sun is going down but we have a few minutes to see and experience this awesome place together. I couldn’t get over how amazing it was and how beautiful it looked. It was even kind of thrilling/scary! You look straight out like on a sea of glass. Big waves are coming toward you but they are stopped by the reef and just spill gently over, like water running over the top of a bucket.

The water was the perfect temperature and we splashed and played until it was almost dark.

Glass half empty or half full, I thought as we swam together in the tide-pool!

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