Hey, You’ve Got a Hair out of Place!

I have four sisters and we all have this thick, course, bushy hair with just enough natural curl to be trouble! Growing up, we had this one room with a long, mirrored dresser where we would do our hair, and do our hair, and do our hair… Sometimes we used several instruments, like the blow-dryer, the “hair-setter,” and then the curling iron, as we tried to create the “PERFECTION CONFECTION. And, just because it was the 70’/80’s, we actually permed our hair!!! Holy Cow! Why did we do that? As if we didn’t already have enough body in it! For heavens sakes, that’s what caused the need to use 3 instruments to tame it down in the first place!

What did we know except everyone else got perms so we had to do it too. And somehow, with THAT, combined with our super thick, course, frizzy, just enough natural curl to be trouble hair, we spent a LOT of time (hours, days, weeks, ..) seeking PERFECTION with it. Often as we stood there doing this ridiculous routine, my dad would peak in and say, “Hey you’ve got a hair out of place.” This was his way of teasing us but also his way of saying that it’s a waste of time seeking perfection, when it’s not to be had.

Now I can’t say that I’m a perfectionist, but I have spent way too much time and even more of my mind, worrying that I don’t do something well enough and caring way too much what other people think about me and my performance. I’ll be honest. I still struggle with this a little, but I have made great strides in becoming a more confident individual who will BLAZE FORWARD in unknown territory and be “OK, with BEING OK.”

When we worry about PERFECTION or being, “PERFECTLY PREPARED,” we frankly get “TOO SCARED” and don’t do what we really want to do. It stunts or stops our progress. The only thing that REALLY matters, is how we feel about ourselves and how God feels about our life performance. This past few months, I have made a positive change. I now choose to put my energy toward progress rather than perfection. Please join me in “BEING OK, with BEING OK.”


  1. I think when we spend too much energy stretching for perfection, we missed a lot of beauty along the way. I know when I am worried and stressed ( which happens when I try to be too perfect) I don’t take time to see the beauty around me. Maybe, my vision narrows (haha) too much.

    1. Author

      Nancy, thanks for sharing your insight. I totally agree. When we worry too much about perfection, we forget (or lose sight) of the perfect, present moment and the joy therin.

  2. I know that I have fought the battle of perfectionism over the years and I love that I now realize the it is a process not a destination. I love that I am learning everyday ways to improve my life one step at a time.

    1. Author

      Cindy, Thanks for your comment. I especially love your thoughts about “the process” and consistent, daily learning one step at a time!

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