Learn about Energy Work and the Emotion Code

Would you like to learn more about Energy Work? My friend Mary Goebel will be teaching us about energy work using Dr. Bradley Nelson’s, Emotion Code. Mary has helped me and my family with this beautiful, inspired work. We wish to share the knowledge and empowerment it provides with YOU. Mark your calendars for Monday Nov. 14, 2016, 12:30 p.m. Lunch and Learn, 2248 E 3250 N, Layton, UT. We ask that all attendees prepare ahead by studying Dr. Nelson’s FREE Emotion Code resources, which you can obtain at this link. https://www.emotioncodeoffer.com/ We will be having a salad bar and ask that you bring one topping or dish to contribute. There is no cost for the event. We ask that you make other arrangements for your children if at all possible.

You can find audio Self-empowerment lectures on my website at this link. https://essentialanswers.me/product-category/10-dollar-tip/
Some topics are: Places and Spaces of Peace, What’s Your NEW Story?, Recognize, Remove, Replace, The Empower Hours AM PM Schedule of Empowerment, and Finding Abundance through Gratitude.

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