No Negative for 10 Minutes!

What if? What if we made a rule that upon returning home we couldn’t say ANYTHING negative for 10 minutes? How would this change the feeling in our homes (and in our hearts)? I made that rule for myself recently but I was surely “put to the test” when I returned home from a meeting to find the 3 and 5 year old eating out of a container of blue frosting while setting in the family room at the computer! Not only were they eating it but they were WEARING it too! “This is a TEST,” I thought. “This is a test of the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM,” AND my ability to hold to my commitment. The old me would have “Hit the Fan,” spewing negative far and wide, especially to my husband, who was “supposedly” WATCHING THE CHILDREN!

I took a deep breath, then another and tried to change my perspective (after all, they did make really cute smurfs) and they hadn’t painted the couch or the carpet. Plus, they were still alive, no one was bleeding, and frosting can be cleaned up. Also, I appreciated the fact that I had been able to go out to a special event while my husband took a turn wasting (I mean “watching”) the kids. Most of all, I was returning home to my Kingdom where I, the king, and our princes and princesses were living and learning about life and love.

I asked God to put Heavenly duct tape on my mouth quick as I cleaned my little ones off, threw away the rest of the blue frosting (thus preventing a repeat the next day) then cuddled and loved them. I actually made it all ten minutes without saying anything negative. It was very difficult, but it had amazing results. Peace reined in our Kingdom and we lived “Happy Ever After” for a good hour or so.

(Later I did mention to the King of our Castle, how the kids were “looking blue” when I returned home, but by then it was funny and forgivable.) Please join me in the commitment to spew NO NEGATIVE for at least 10 minutes upon returning home.


  1. That’s amazing JoLyn – you were surely blessed with extra patience and fortitude to have a greater vision and to act and not react!

    1. Author

      Janice, many times in the past, I have not responded well to things like this, but I am making a change and I like how it feels. “No negative for 10 minutes upon family reunification,” is a simple thing with a dramatic effect. It’s a way to foster a better spirit, stronger family relationships, and raise the positive energy in our homes.
      Thanks for your comment!

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