Dream Quest

$ 1,200.00 $ 997.00

3 Dreams in 3 Months!!!
In this mentoring package you will receive:

Guidance to follow your heart in choosing 3 exciting dreams to achieve in 3 months!

Vision to See YOUR dreams Coming True!
Help in creating the action steps YOU need!
Accountability to get it done!

Tools needed to get through limitations and mental barriers!
A friend and Mentor who cares about YOU, YOUR HAPPINESS, YOUR Dreams Coming True!!!

This package includes:

Twelve, 30 Minute, Dream Quest Mentoring sessions (phone or zoom)!!!

A Dream Quest Tracker to keep track of your action steps and progress! 

Additional Extras with current special:

A one hour Dream Discovery session at the beginning digging deep for the WHAT and the WHY!

Daily text report/respond! (except for Sunday)

A one hour Celebration Session at the end: 

  • Reviewing the tools you’ve learned!
  • Cheering and Celebrating your progress!
  • Making sure you have a plan for what’s next!

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