Mentor Monthly

$ 69.00

This mentoring subscription is for someone who knows the value of consistently setting goals and working towards those goals with regular accountability reporting and masterminding with a Mentor.  The subscription includes a 30 minute mentoring session by phone every other week for 1 year!  This is especially for those who want the value of a mentor, but who are not ready or able to take on the commitment of an intensive mentoring package.  Please note that I believe a personalized mentoring package is the best route to go, but if that is not a possibility for you, this is the BEST ALTERNATIVE & can be highly effective if you are self-disciplined & committed to take action.  I will only open a limited number of these Mentor Monthly subscriptions and only for a limited time so if you are interested ACT FAST!  If you are interested but unsure, schedule a FREE CALL with me here:

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Mentor Monthly subscription