“Six Secrets to Make Your Dreams Come True” – Live Lecture

$ 19.99 $ 15.00

Would you like to take the things on your vision board and MAKE THEM HAPPEN?  Here’s How:  In this live lecture JoLyn Holladay will share six simple steps her family took to make a crazy dream come true and how YOU can do it too!  This is a proven method as JoLyn has since used these same steps to make other dreams special dreams come true, manifesting faster and faster each time.  Don’t miss this special motivational message, YOUR DREAMS COULD DEPEND ON IT!  This lecture will be held on Friday, Nov. 3, 2017, 7:00 p.m. at Florentine Gardens, 2621 Oak Hills Dr., Layton, UT.  FYI:  This is the lecture only and does not include dinner and entertainment like our Food for Thought series.  It contains the most important part; the Six Secrets to help YOU MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

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