Walk this Way

I read once that people are more likely to stick with walking, than any other form of exercise. As a “walker” myself, I see 3 main reasons for this: 1) it’s easy and flexible (time, place, intensity etc.) 2)it doesn’t cost anything or require any special equipment or travel and 3) it benefits the Body, Mind, and Spirit. I would like to focus on #3 as I blog today.

I wasn’t always a “walker.” It took getting a hyper little dog (Jack Russell Terrier) who was not house-trained to get me going. He HAD to be walked, and walked, and walked. Within a couple months of walking him several times a day, I had lost some weight and toned up. I even lost some inches on my stomach, which was a complete surprise to me. More than that, however, was how good it felt overall to my Body, Mind, and Spirit. We no longer have this little dog, but I still love to walk. (In fact, I like it a whole lot more than when I had to worry about the dog at the same time.)

Walking is great for the body, working and benefiting major body systems (muscular-skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, and even the digestive system,) but is gentler on the joints than many other forms of exercise. Obviously, other forms of exercise work the systems too, but walking is something that almost everyone can do and the intensity can easily be altered based on ones current health condition. It’s a way to start out slow and easy, then progress to longer, stronger, and more intense. It’s easy to add hills, weights, arm movements, progress to a speed-walk, or add jogging spurts.

That leads into my second reason why many people stick with walking. It’s great for the mind! Walking is good for our circulation and that means more oxygen to the brain. I can think things out well when I am walking. I find benefit in problem solving, getting out negative thoughts and replacing them with positive, coming up with new creative ideas, and most importantly, receiving inspiration. Walking connects me to nature, calms my mind, and connects me with God! Wow! I love to talk to my Heavenly Father in my mind while I am walking.

Walking even helps me “get my mad out.” I remember once being so mad at someone, that I told my family I needed to “walk it out.” I went around the block again and again until I had literally pounded that mad out and replaced it with fresh air, and a fresh, forgiving perspective. Wheww! That had great benefit for my Body, Mind, and Spirit!

That brings me to my last point, walking is good for the Spirit. Using our amazing body and mind (which I personally believe was created by God), and out in our beautiful world (which I also believe He created), we can connect with our Higher Power on a beautiful level, expressing our gratitude, and asking for help and inspiration. Then, as we continue to walk, we listen with our mind and our heart. I know that when my mind and heart resonate with the same answer, it is from God.

Join me in “Walking this Way,” a way that benefits the Body, Mind, and Spirit!


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