Wash your Tears Away

As I truly experience the ocean again, I am reminded of a healing that took place for me, in the waves years ago. I was on an amazing Hawaiian vacation with my Mother and sisters. Between us we had left 24 children home in the care of dad’s, friends, and grandparents. The trip was my mother’s idea and funded mostly from an inheritance from my grandmother who had just passed away. We mom’s were in much need of a rest and some play. I especially needed that, as I was carrying a heavy burden of fear.

Only four months before, my husband (age 33) had surgery on a brain tumor. I will not go into all the details of that now, but since the tumor’s discovery I had carried a poison pollutant of fear that was literally making me sick. It was the fear of the unknown about my husband’s health. It was my fear that my husband would become handicapped or die!!!! He was my friend, lover, husband, provider, protector, and the father of our 4 children.

It was hard for me to talk to others about this fear. I tried to be positive and put on a brave front for but inside it ate at ME like a cancer and was making me sick.

The first night that I arrived in Hawaii with my mother and sisters, we played in the darkness of the ocean waves. We were grown mothers but we played like children. And then, under cover of the darkness and waves, the tears came. My fear came up and out, wetting my face at the same time as the ocean spray. I experienced a grateful, God-given healing that night as my fear and troubles washed away.

We went through six more years of brain tumor and cancer. My husband did eventually become handicapped and he did die. However, through all the difficulty, the healing balm of that cleansing ocean night, never left me.

All of us have times when we need to cleanse negative emotion. There are many simple tools to do this and I will be sharing these in more detail as this site progresses. But for now, here are 3 tips:
1. RECOGNIZE and validate the negative emotion you are feeling.
2. RELEASE the negative emotion in a manner that will not hurt others, such as yelling it out in nature, writing about it, or visualizing giving it up to God and/or being washed away with water.
3. REPLACE it with something positive such as a conscious decision to replace Fear with Faith.

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