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I Grew up on a dairy farm in Northeastern Utah. This is where I learned the value of family, fun, hard work, and that God is a loving Heavenly Father. I come from a large family (6 siblings) and extended family (dozens and dozens of cousins). I loved music and dancing, riding bikes, organizing things with neighbor kids, swinging (oh how LOVED swinging, and I still love anything that blows the wind on my face and through my hair), the huts and tree houses my brother passed to me, and playing with cousins (it seemed like EVERYONE was my cousin where I grew up).

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Go Above and BeYond what you ever thought possible in your personal development.

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I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I could remember and I find great fulfillment in this art. I have taught in many capacities including my own dance studio, church, schools, my essential oils business, and as a tutor, Mentor and Motivational Speaker of Self-Empowerment. I attended BYU as a youth majoring in Dance and received a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood at Weber State just a few years ago. As a mentor I have completed “Master Your Influence (3 times) Mind of Steel, Body Language Extreme, Art of mentoring (2 times) and Present Yourself with the 3 Key Elements Company and Kirk Duncan. I recently completed The Elite program with Kirk, learning higher levels of mentoring skills and am currently in Go Vertical Group Mentoring with this company as well as the Go For It program with Learn, Love, Lift company.

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JoLyn Holladay

I am JoLyn. I am also a wife, mother, Personal Development & Achievement Mentor, Activational Speaker, Author, and follower of Jesus Christ.