“I honor the body that God gave me, rejuvenating it daily through
Healthy eating, Exercise, Stress management, and Sufficient rest.”image

This is part of my New Story about myself, written in present, I am form. I do believe that my body and yours are created in the image of God and are the precious vehicle to house our spirit sent from God. This denotes that we treat it with respect. For most of my life I have been physically active exercising my body regularly (I even taught dance lessons for 15 plus years). However, since having 2 babies in my forties (crazy but true) and no longer teaching lessons, I have fallen out of the habit of regular exercise and my body has followed suit. I have also struggled with eating nutrient dense calories and getting enough sleep. It is time for transformation. Join me as I “honor the body that God gave me, rejuvenating it daily through healthy eating, exercise, stress management, and sufficient rest.”

A wise lady (Nancy Slagowski) once taught me , “You can’t change the outcome, if you don’t change the process.” And, from Kirk Duncan of 3 Key Elements who has had his students (including me) put their hand over their heart and repeat, “For things to change, I must change.” I now blog my journey of physical transformation to match the NEW STORY I am creating. I do this for accountability and to share what I learn. JoLyn Holladay