Face a Fear of Inadequacy

I’ll be honest…I have struggled (sometimes to the point of tears like today) in the technical (technology, information, & organization) parts of my business. 

I absolutely LOVE sharing messages that help others increase their Hope, Happiness, and Positive Energy (especially in terms of helping you achieve your dreams and goals or championing the cause of Healthy Grieving), but I truly struggle with information technology. 

I am facing my fears and feelings of inadequacy to CONNECT and SHARE MORE, VALUABLE CONTENT CONSISTENTLY and EFFICIENTLY through technology.

In an effort to help me as I help you, I am currently in a training program to learn how to promote what I do with those who seek it. 

One of the things my training is helping me with is to organize my email contacts in one place and in groups relevant to your interests (such as Vision Boards or Grief support). 

This will enable me to stay connected to you, sharing valuable messages and opportunities for learning more. (see message below on how to tackle something you feel incompetent in).

I hope that you will OPT-IN to my email list, so that we can stay connected and when you do, I’ll send the extra details on how I used the steps below and what happened because of it. I believe it will help you too.   

3 Steps to Facing a Fear of Inadequacy in a Specific Area (that helped ME today)

  1.  Pray for Heavenly Help (and no I’m not kidding)
  2.  Remind yourself of past achievements (especially in the area you struggle with)
  3.  State positive, present declarations about your performance  

I’m still trying to figure out how to use this Mail Chimp thing, but I’m progressing.  I hope you can use the tools I shared to help you in an area of your life where you feel inadequate.  

And remember…LET’S STAY CONNECTED!  Click on the opt-in link to get the “Rest of the Story” in my welcome email. Find out how to overcome a dear of inadequacy in an area you struggle in, WITHOUT spending any money.

Love and Belief!  

JoLyn Holladay
Above and Beyond Mentoring (a part of Essential Answers LLC)


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