Gift of the 7 Secrets


Hey Dreamer,

You are receiving this email because you have connected with me for some Self-Empowerment or Success tools. Maybe you have purchased an empowerment audio or attended a class, maybe even one of my Food for Thought Dinner Lectures, Vision Board Bootcamps, or The Six Secrets to Make Your Dreams Come True!  That means that you are a DREAM BELIEVER!! 

I want to make sure you have the tools to be a DREAM ACHIEVER!!!

In the Dream Achievement lectures, I told how our family made a $20,000 dream come true in just 5 months with NOTHING to start with as we followed 7 secrets.  We enjoyed a one month Hawaiian House swap on the North shore of Oahu where we soaked in the beauty and healing benefits of the ocean and MANY HAPPY TIMES TOGETHER! 

So, because I have a goal to HELP AS MANY FAMILIES AS POSSIBLE ACHIEVE THEIR SPECIAL DREAM, I’ve decided to give away my 7 Secrets (yes, I’ve added one more) to YOU as a FREE GIFT!!

You probably learned most of the Secrets from me before, but I believe in a LEARN, REVIEW, DO process, so I’m giving you an easy review, to make sure that you can DO!! 

You may have seen that I was on KSL Studio 5 recently talking about my 7 Secrets.  Here’s a link in case you missed it and want to hear the WHY!

While preparing for this program we created a FREE 7 Secrets Report and I’d like you to know about it as a reference and resource TO ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS.  You can get your FREE REPORT by going to

I hope that you will use the 7 Secrets for Achieving your Dreams and that you will tell me about it!! Helping others to Achieve their Dreams is my favorite thing, especially when those dreams strengthen families while creating beautiful memories together! 


JoLyn Holladay

Above and Beyond Mentoring

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When you do you’ll receive 3 simple tips for overcoming feelings of inadequacy in an area you struggle with. 

P.P.S. If you’d like to Change your Luck, you may be interested in attending the Change your Luck, Change your LIFE, class on March 13th in Kaysville, UT. Here’s the link to save your spot and get the Early Bird price.

WHAT IF YOU DON’T LIVE CLOSE BUT WOULD LIKE TO TAKE CLASSES? Consider participating in our Reach to Grow Group Mentoring Program, a program of Self-development and achievement taught live but via Zoom. Schedule a FREE CALL after getting your 7 Dream Achievement Secrets at I’ll listen to what want and tell you more about the Reach to Grow program if I think it’s something that could take you further in those areas.

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