Daily Grounding/Meditation Exercise

Grounding Exercise

JoLyn Olsen Holladay
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The importance of this exercise is to recognize our many resources of support and use those to start the day grounded and inspired rather than chaotic and tired.I have included what I personally say in the grounding exercise, but please personalize it to the roots of support that you have and the manner that rings true to your mind and heart. Be open to the resources and possibilities you may not have recognized before. Note that I do address my Higher Power in this. However, I do have my regular prayer and scripture study before I do this grounding exercise. This is all part of my morning “Sacred Time.” I believe it’s best to take ½ hour or so in the morning to do this, but if you have to do the prayer, scriptures, and grounding at separate times, it’s still empowering.

Getting Started

Several ways to do this rooting/grounding exercise:

  • Sitting: on a chair, feet flat on the floor and my hands flat on thighs, no shoes
  • Standing
  • Out in nature
  • Busy mom, better than nothing position: driving in your car and saying the dialogue out loud

“Dear Heavenly Father, this day I want to be rooted, grounded, balanced, and inspired. Because of this I recognize and call upon all the resources of support that Thou hast given to me on from Heaven and earth.” 

I actually picture and kinesthetically feel a root growing into the earth for each resource as if I were a giant tree growing roots. If this seems weird to you, simply recognize and picture each resource of support as you say it out loud. There is really no right or wrong way. The important thing is to recognize the support you have around you so that you feel strong and grounded. Also to call upon any or all resources needed to help you that day.

Roots to Grow on

Of the many roots you can include in your grounding and meditation exercise here are a few i have found make a difference in my day. Feel free to adjust these to incorporate what helps you to be rooted and grounded. For example:
“I recognize (optional addition, “and grow”) the supporting root of my Faith in (insert your Higher Power)________.”
For me that results in:
“I recognize and grow the supporting root of my faith and testimony in My Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.”

Additional ideas for supporting roots:

  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of the Holy Spirit (or whatever name you have in your belief system)
  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of the Covenants (or promises) I have made to (insert Higher Power).
  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of the word of God from the Holy Scriptures
  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of my immediate family and extended family
  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of my Heavenly Guardians (I think of ancestors, friends, and family who have passed on and even guardian angels God may have assigned to help me. I actually picture them cheering for me and offering their wisdom).
  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of my mentors and friends
  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of the endless resources I have on earth to BE, DO, LEARN, AND HAVE anything good my heart desires.
  • I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of my gifts and talents.

And lastly:
I recognize (and grow) the supporting root of the WISDOM of my past and the HOPE of my future.

Finish the Exercise

Then I say,
“HEAVENLY FATHER, THIS DAY I AM ROOTED, GROUNDED, BALANCED, and INSPIRED. I recognize the many resources of support you have given me and I call upon any and all that are needed to help me in my roles today.”

I have told you how I do this exercise that I developed, but personalize and change it as needed for yourself to start out the day grounded and inspired rather than chaotic and tired. It takes only 5-10 minutes but can make a big difference in how you think, feel, and handle things throughout the day.
Add strong imagery to your language to engage left and right brain:
I have this amazing picture of a tree that I use as an example of how I want to be as a person. It is rooted, strong, and balanced. Its branches are reaching up (as if for inspiration) and out (as if to share light with others). The tree stands strong in the meadow and Light is streaming through its branches like love and inspiration from Heaven. Each day, I want to feel supported, grounded, balanced and inspired; empowered body, mind, and spirit. I hope this image and excise will help you do the same.

Additional Tools

If you were inspired by this Exercise you may be interested in some of my other free tools!

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  1. You shared this meditation concept with me a while back JoLyn. I love the imagery of the tree . I especially love any picture that has a Jacob’s ladder (light streaming through the clouds) in it. It has had a special significance for me for many years. Whenever I see a Jacob’s ladder – it is like a personal message from God that he is aware of me and that all is well.
    This is a beautiful website – full of light and truth. I love it.
    I wish you every joy and blessing….

    Love Janice

    1. Author

      Wow Janice! I love your comment about the Light streaming from Heaven and the representation of God’s light and love being sent to wrap us in warmth (even individually). I want to learn more about Jacob’s ladder!
      Thank you for sharing!

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