Hubby Home for the Holidays

My heart is full as I write this blog.   A special goal has just been reached with the help of God and others (maybe even some of you receiving this).  My husband is flying home to spend a few days with us at Thanksgiving!!!!  Thank you for any part you played in that, through prayers, shares, positive energy, and purchases!

My husband is an industrial journeyman and pipe-fitter.  He was laid off the end of July when his company finished a long-term project.  This is common in his line of work and although difficult, something we are used to.  His name went on the Union rehire list and he usually gets a call to join another Union project within a week or two.  This time he was off a month with no openings in the Union jobs in site.  Even though this made finances tight, I considered it a wonderful blessing and gift.  My husband got a much needed rest and we were able to spend a lot more time together.  I loved having him around more, having his help, the same schedule, sitting by his side to enjoy a show, (even in the middle of the day), and seeing him enjoy more time with the kids who were off for summer.  This was the silver lining in our financial cloud.

After a month and without union openings in site, my husband took a short call project in another state.  What we thought would be a month has stretched out to 3 and continues.  There are no openings in the Union here and the out of state project continues, so he stays to feed our family.  We stay union because of the benefits, especially in health insurance.  Things have been tight trying to catch up from the month out of work, covering his living expenses there, and because we have some other large expenses at this time of the year (not including Christmas).   My husband makes the greatest sacrifice being away from home.  To save money, he rents a room and shares the kitchen, family room, and bathrooms with 20 other people in a rooming house (compete with some mice and mold).

Just one week ago, we talked by phone and decided that he could not come home for Thanksgiving (by plane or car), because of the extra expense.  We are grateful for wonderful health insurance for our family but our benefit does not include vacation or holiday pay.  My husband would be losing pay for Veteran’s Day and the Thanksgiving holiday.  It hurt to think our family could not be together for Thanksgiving but the sacrifice was necessary for our finances.  That night I started thinking and my heart started hurting.  Then I thought, “Good Grief JoLyn!  This is ridiculous, YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE AND YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT QUICKLY!!!  You teach this to others!!!”

So, I made a decision, “My husband is coming home for Thanksgiving and I’m going to find a way, in fact, I’m going to earn his way myself as my gift.”  The hardest part was humbling myself to ask for help. It was embarrassing and hard for me, but I needed to share to make it happen.  I did a post about our dream and asked for prayers, positive energy, and sharing of the post.  I did not ask for money but I acted on an idea to offer some empowerment audios to those who were interested.  I think this came about because just recently I added a daily declaration that says, “I’m monetizing my message.  As I share empowerment with others, I’m also blessing my family financially.” As the only parent on deck right now, I knew that I didn’t have more time to earn but there was no reason the work I had done in the past (preparing and presenting these audios), couldn’t work for me now.  (I hope that made sense).

I know from experience, you must make a decision about your dream, declare, then go there!  I know it’s important to take it to God for help and confirmation (or even redirection).  I know that it will happen faster if you involve others and I needed FAST because the tickets were going fast and the prices were rising.  It was super, duper hard for me to humble myself to ask for help.  It still is.  It feels personally vulnerable and a little embarrassing, but it also feels POWERFUL because adding others added POWER to our dream.  MORE POWER MEANS MORE ENERGY!! In just one week, and with this additional PEOPLE POWER, I have been able to earn the plane ticket for my husband and he is coming home for a few days!!!  Oh how we can’t wait to hug and hold him.  Oh how I can’t wait to put my head on his shoulder right where it was meant to fit, and oh how I thank God and all of you that helped!  May He bless and be with you.  Thank you for helping us make our dream come true!

I hope that you will stay connected with me and my messages.  I truly seek to help others raise their hope, happiness, and positive energy.  My favorite way to do this is through helping people to achieve their dreams and goals. In  2015, our family made an inspired $20,000 dream come true in just 5 months with NOTHING to start with.  We have used these same six steps multiple times for special dreams for family members.  I used these same six steps to achieve the dream of the plane ticket for my husband in just 1 week.  I know these steps can work for you and your family too.  You can hear our family’s story and learn the steps in the following audio download.  It’s on sale for 1 week at just $15.  What you learn will be PRICELESS and can change your life if you act on it!!

You can find more empowerment tips and events on my Facebook page:  Above and Beyond Mentoring with JoLyn Holladay  I don’t post every day (because of my other life; my mother life), but I put my events there, 3 minute empowerment videos, and motivation/inspiration.  Please join me there for faith-based messages to raise your hope, happiness, and positive energy.

Love, Belief, and Gratitude!!!

JoLyn Holladay


  1. You are an excellent writer, I’m so happy for you and family. I am going to use the same faith in the understanding in my dreams to be physically able & move about with no worry Thank you for sharing, My hope has grown tenfold knowing that I can help my dream this way. Love you, your friend, Melanie

  2. Thank you Jolyn – I love to read your inspiring words and thoughts. I am thrilled that you were able to achieve your goal of bringing your husband home for Thanksgiving. Much love my friend.

    1. Author

      Janice, thank you for taking the time to read and reply. I am reminded again and again that nothing is impossible when we Reach to God and others to help us achieve a dream. The easiest dreams for me to achieve are always those that involve my family. My WHY is the greatest then and my heart the most engaged. That EMOTION propels the MOTION toward the dream. Thank you for your kind words, support, and encouragement.

  3. Wow, Jolyn! I love you! Thank you for your example of both faith and determination and your encouragement for the rest of us to access and work the same.

    1. Author

      Mary, thank you for your encouraging comments, and thank you for your support of this dream through your sweet words and the purchase of an audio.

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