I’m Thankful for the Atonement and Essential Oils

I’m thankful for the Atonement and Essential Oils!
I didn’t feel like myself today. I was easily frustrated, impatient, angry, and sadly, even rude! There wasn’t an event, extra stress, or problem that caused my bad mood. It seemed to be something hormonal, physiological, or perhaps even diet related. Nevertheless, I chose to let it affect my thoughts and actions, and how I treated my family. For this, I am truly sorry, and I am thankful for the Atonement. I have apologized to my family and God, and although I’m sad and regret my behavior, I know that my Savior has experienced my pain (and theirs) and atoned for my sins. Most of all it means that HE WILL FORGIVE ME AND NEVER GIVE UP ON ME!
I am also thankful for the essential oils that are natural extracts from the plants He created for our use. Several times today, I reached for Essential Oils for mood support. (Frankincense, Wild Orange, and a blend of tree oils call Balance). We also used oils at our home today for immune support (On Guard, Lemon, & Oregano). Last but not least, I was able to share the blend of doTERRA Digestzen with a new friend who had been throwing up. I love sharing what works for us as I know it might work for others too. Yes, today I am most thankful for the Atonement and Essential Oils. You may learn more about Jesus Christ from reading his word in the Holy scriptures.
You may learn more about using essential oils for your families health at mydoterra.com/jolynoholladay. 

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