Important Things I have learned in my Self-Empowerment Business

by JoLyn Holladay

 Essential Answers, DBA:  Above and BeYond Mentoring

  • Find the purpose and passion so strong, it will push you past fear to faith
  • Discover what you Love and are good at by doing NEW SCARY things
  • Always have things on your schedule that scare you but will grow you
  • Always involve your Higher Power for alignment, inspiration, and Higher Power.

With God  NOTHING is impossible and even Miracles ARE Possible!

  • Get comfortable with doing the uncomfortable and unfamiliar.
  • Be Open (to potential, possibilities, ideas, people, money, and resources)
  • Keep going with what you love to do in alignment with God’s plan
  • Give YOURSELF permission to invest in yourself.  This will empower every influential role that you play
  • Connect and Associate with Like-Minded, positive, empowering people
  • Find mentors and advisers that have walked the path you want to walk
  • Reach out to people and resources (to learn, find support, to connect, and to share)
  • Progress from practicing to producing. (You’ll know you’re there when you start to create your own from what you’ve learned).
  • Continue learning while producing
  • Create your Value
  • Gather a support team (examples: assistant, webmaster, financial advisor, etc)
  • Find your True North (the emotional why of your business, the how you make a difference in the world)
  • Chart your Coarse (always have a business plan and evaluate often)
  • Let go of who and what doesn’t work
  • Never give up!
  • Always give back!
  • Live in your Passion and Purpose to your highest POTENTIAL with God as your Guide!
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