Limit Techno/Expand Imagination and Family Time

     Would you like to know what happened when we put the X-box away, ON A SATURDAY? I found the 14 year old asleep on the couch across from it. My four year old cried, and my husband left, but I “Stood FIRM IN THE FIGHT FOR FAMILY!” (even though they didn’t like me). However, as the day went on, some awesome things happened. Rather than everyone being on separate levels in our home, the kids gravitated together in the big family room. I did let them play the wii for awhile BUT THE 4,6,& 14 YEAR OLD ACTUALLY PLAYED TOGETHER!!!! (standing wii sports). The other awesome thing that happened was my 4 & 6 year old used their IMAGINATIONS to play with the spools by where I was sewing, and later made some fortes in the back yard.

     The kids did get a turn to play the X-box for a little while in the evening, however, I loved the effects of the techno limits so much that I put it away again after they went to bed. It will be a sometimes privilege that they earn not the main thing that they learn! Great aha! The teenager had a lot more patience with siblings, hung around the family more, and had a much better (less angry disposition). I’ll admit that things weren’t as quiet, the kids were underfoot more, and they made more messes, but I liked how things felt.

     Today, (the Sabbath), the X-box wasn’t invited to join us at all, and WE ACTUALLY PLAYED A CARD GAME TOGETHER AT THE TABLE!!!! Join me in limiting techno to expand imagination and family time!!!!  

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