Make a Positive Switch!

Here’s a tip for making an energy switch. RECOGNIZE REACH & REPLACE. That means that you Recognize when you are feeling negative, reach for help (from God, resources, or others), and replace the negative emotion or energy with the one you desire. Here’s a personal example. I was on an outing with my young children once (they were about 4 & 6 then). While waiting for the teen at an activity, I spontaneously took the young kids to a diner (very rare). We had a great time until my little boy started winding up in hyper drive. I tried to get the ticket and get out of there as quick as we could so that he wouldn’t drive everyone nuts and embarrass me. It got pretty stressful and when we hit the parking lot, he took off. I was afraid he would get hit by a car, and when I finally got him over to the car and started buckling him in I was pretty stressed and mad!!!! I recognized that I was feeling negative and about to blow it big time, ruining the special time we had had before the wind up. I knew I was close because I was speaking in 1 or 2 word commands like “Sit down!” “Be Quiet!” “Stop!” Ok, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true. Anyway, I recognized that I needed help and I needed to make a switch. I paused to pray in my head right while I was buckling him in. “Please Lord, help me to calm down and switch to Embrace and Enjoy (that’s the emotion I wanted to feel).” Out loud I declared, “I choose to switch to embrace and enjoy.” Man it was hard but I did it with God’s help. I looked down at my little cutie and saw him with different eyes, the mommy, nurturing, love you forever, NO MATTER WHAT eyes. He was so darn cute! Oh how I love that shock of blond hair, blue eyes, and the biggest, cutest smile I have ever seen! As I chose to switch to the emotions of embrace and enjoy, gratitude filled me for this little boy and the gift that he is to me. I prayed again but this time in thanks. “Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of these “second chance children” (I say that because they were born WAY on the end) and “Thank you for the good times I have had with them this afternoon. Thank you Thank you Thank you! RECOGNIZE REACH REPLACE to do an energy switch!  JoLyn Holladay of Above and BeYond Mentoring

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