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“On April 13, 2016, I presented, “Six Secrets to Make YOUR Dreams come True” at our first Food for Thought (TM), Dinner Lecture.  The energy was electric, igniting for all attendees the excitement and empowerment to make their dreams come true! !!!
Something magical happened that night, and I’m still trying to define exactly what that was so that we can create this again.  Let me just say that a lot of people are now opening their minds to the possibilities!  Dreams are in the works!  The simple tools I shared are being applied. With faith-based action, the people, money, and resources are coming forward and  Dreams are Coming True!
At  the lecture I shared the SIMPLE TOOLS we used as family to make a crazy dream come true (a one month house swap in Hawaii)!  I believe the same, simple tools will assist you in MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!  I have now recorded these 6 steps in an audio download format.  The audio is approx. 30 minutes.  I share our personal dream story and teach the steps we used to achieve and live our dream.
Because assisting others in the manifestation of their dreams, is my favorite thing to do, I am offering the audio lecture at a discount price of only $10 for a short while.  You can purchase it at
I am sooo excited to assist you with SIX SECRETS TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!
JoLyn Holladay
Mentor, Trainer, & Motivational Speaker  716-427-3224


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