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I want to make a difference for you in your life. But dont just take my word for it, look at the stories of some of the people who have had their lives touched. You too can go Above and BeYond what you ever thought possible in your personal development.

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Made the difference I needed!

Jolyn helped me to find the right mentor to make my website development company really start taking off.

John Kraczek

Best Breakthrough yet!

Helped me find breakthroughs where i didn’t know that i had problems. Thanks a million!


Adding Tools to your tool belt

I met Jolyn through a training in Park City. I was very nervous to share a room with someone I didn’t know! She quickly put me at ease with her bright smile, contagious laugh and zest for life. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find out about the opportunity to have her mentor me. Our weekly mentoring calls have added so many tools to my tool belt! Using them daily has brought me to a better understanding of myself and what my real goals are. I now feel like I can continue to reach up for my goals and that I WILL achieve them. Jolyn is a punctual professional who will help you discover what you need to *”up level!” Megan Christensen

Megan Christensen

JoLyn Helps Make Dreams Come True!

My name is Jeanette, and I have known JoLyn for about 28 years.  I have had the privilege of mentoring with her for about a year.  I mentor with her once a week currently and I look forward to it because she helps me move forward in life.  When I am just feeling stuck she helps me discover what I really want to work on.  She helps me to realize that by consistent, simple steps I will find more joy in life because I am getting closer to my goals.
  JoLyn is especially an expert in helping people to make their dreams a reality.  That may sound cliche, but with her it is not.  A few friends and I attended her first Food for Thought Dinner a few months back.  She taught us about her realizing her dream of living with her family in Hawaii for a summer.  She encouraged each of us to put a dream on a card and post in on the dream board.  I thought that was a cute idea to see each others dreams.  But, soon after, I discovered that it was not just a cute idea of hers.  She has shown dedication to each of us to help us with these dreams.  One of my friends as already accomplished her first dream and was thrilled!  The other is coming her closer to making his dream a reality even when it seemed unrealistic.
    And then there is my dream….my dream is to own a home.  This dream was the only thing that really sparked true joy in me so she challenged me to put in on my vision board.  So I did.  And each mentor call we talked about it.  When it started to become a reality much sooner than I imagined she drove on!  I had fears…she calmed them & we moved forward.  I had doubts and she helped me to change them to positive affirmations…and we moved forward. In less than a month we will be moving into our new home…which looks very much like the one on my vision board.
  JoLyn helps make dreams come true.  If you do as she teaches your dreams will become a reality and you can start working on the next dream.  The skills she teaches help in all aspects of your life.  When you choose to mentor with JoLyn, prepare to be amazed at all you will accomplish.
Jeanette Allen

JoLyn has wonderful messages to share that can help anybody and everybody!

I’ve been able to attend multiple events held by JoLyn, and each time I have found principles of Truth that push me forward to improve my life and reach my goals. She has such enthusiasm and what she shares it just encourages me be better and try harder.  Jillene Smith, March 31, 2017.

Jillene Smith

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