Peace in Troubled Times

     Right now, I am experiencing “Mamma Drama (or Mamma Trauma, either phrase works) of large proportions!!! One of my young adult children is struggling with a very difficult issue, which has also caused me much worry and work. In fact, it wears me out and can leave me drained and unable to have the energy I need for all of the roles that I play.  I would like to share  3 things that are helping me to heal and restore on a daily basis through this difficult “Mammma Trauma.” They are; Sacred Times, Creating order, and Asking Myself Questions.

1.  Sacred Times:  Each morning I have a  short Sacred Time in which I connect with God.  I usually do this through prayer, studying the scriptures, and some pondering/meditating.  That connection brings me peace, direction, and protection.  I have found however, that when I am experiencing really troubled times (like right now), I need Sacred Times (of even a few minutes), throughout the day for healing and restoring me spiritually.  Just pausing to Pray for a few moments or ponder a scripture, can raise my energy and bring needed inspiration and insight.

2.   Creating Order:  There is something mentally/emotionally healing about creating order.  Through a long and stressful trial, I have found therapy in pausing to clean or create order in an area.  For example, yesterday, this trial with my child, just wore me down and I found myself full of negative emotion, thrown on me by someone else, and my own reactive emotion.  As strange (and gross) as it seems, I found some cleansing of negative emotion, by stopping to clean a toilet bowl!  Weird I know, but it works for me.  I had to physically Clean up all of the waste (I wanted to use a stronger word, but this is a public site, and I am supposedly a respectable lady), and GET RID OF IT!  I mentally did this, while physically cleaning the toilet bowl, and then flushed it away!!!!! Woah that felt good!

Many times of late, I will stop to scrub something or create order in a small area of my home, with the same benefit.  It is simply a tool for removing negative.  Afterward, I validate cleanliness, order, and positive energy, by picturing the trial I am dealing with, in a positive, progressive light, removed or repaired.  I often say affirmations aloud about it.

Remove and Replace is an important tool to cleanse negative and replace with positive.  If we don’t do a removal/Replace technique often, the negative emotions zap our energy and even make us sick, literally.

The other point I want to bring up is that, When we clean or create order in a space, it gives a therapeutic feeling of being in control of the situation; of fixing things or making them work. There are many trials, where we feel like (especially when they involve the agency of others), we have little control over what happens.  This can bring sadness, frustration, anger, and other energy zapping emotions.  Cleaning something up and creating order in something we can control, feels great and can raises your energy.  Finally,

3.  Ask Yourself Questions:  When I feel myself becoming drained, I have to stop and ask myself some questions.  If I don’t, I become empty, and unable to function. Not only that, but, I cannot fill someone else’s cup when I have nothing left to give.  The questions I ask are this, “What ONE THING could I do to heal/restore my physical energy? “What ONE THING could I do to heal/restore myself mentally and emotionally, and 3rd, What ONE THING could I do right now to heal and restore my Spiritual energy?”  Ask, Listen for the Answers and ACT!!!!  Taking a TIME OUT, (even in a time-consuming trial) to heal/restore, will increase your efficiency and energy. It’s Time Well Spent.

The trial I am experiencing right now with my young adult child, is very difficult and often draining!! However, I Find Peace in this Troubled Time by pausing for Sacred Times, where I connect with God, Creating order and Cleanliness in a small area, and by Asking Questions about my energy (Body, Mind, & Spirit), then acting to heal and restore.  These things can be done simply and in only a few minutes, but make a big difference.  Choose with me to “FIND PEACE IN TROUBLED TIMES!”

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