Recognizing Resources!

My heart is so full of gratitude today, my birthday! I recognize the many resources of support my Heavenly Father has given to me from Heaven and earth. They include: My testimony of God and His Son Jesus Christ, my Covenants, the Word of God, The Holy Spirit, My husband & children, extended family, Heavenly ministers and angels which includes family and friends who have passed on, my many mentors and friends, endless resources to be, do, learn, and have, every righteous desire of my heart, my gifts & talents, endless possibilities, choices, & opportunities, the wisdom of my past and the hope of my future. “This day I am rooted, grounded, balanced,inspired, and living in a state of gratitude!” Join me in recognizing and reaching out to the support around you. Join me in calling upon ANY & ALL that are needed to assist you in your roles this day!
FYI: I do a quick daily grounding/Meditation/Prayer, where I name all of these resources. It’s a free tool on my website to share with others, something that helps me

  1.  Upcoming events:  Kids Camp!  ages 6-11 do arts/crafts, Cooking with kids, Rhythm Rock, & Brain Power  (self-esteem and Self-empowerment)  Tuesdays and Thursdays  Aug. 2-11, 2016 Layton, UT. Contact JoLyn at for more details or to register.

2.  Six Weeks to Self-Empowerment:  via  a  weekly conference call (live or playback), only $30.   Please email with subject line “Six Weeks to Self-Empowerment,” if you are interested  or want more details.



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