The Miracle of Manifesting for Another!

Right now my husband is on a 7 day, Primitive Survival course with Boulder Outdoor Survival School. ( (  He found this course on-line only 1 week ago and told me of his dream to do this SOMEDAY.  Although it was clearly something we couldn’t afford right now, I took the time to look at the information with him and be OPEN to this OPPORTUNITY that was important to him.

After he left the room, I began wishing that somehow, I could  MANIFEST this dream for him.  This particular course was leaving in one week on Father’s Day! Wouldn’t this be the best Father’s Day gift ever?

As I looked up information on the course and related excursions from different companies, my desire turned to DREAMING for HIM!  Then the DOING kicked in! What could I DO to MANIFEST THIS DREAM for him? What could I DO to MAKE THIS HAPPEN?

The price was $1725 and we didn’t have any of that.  My head said it was completely impossible, but my HEART said, “I WANT TO DO THIS FOR HIM, let the MANIFESTING OF MIRACLES BEGIN!!!!”

Wouldn’t this be the best Father’s Day gift ever?  My husband works so hard to provide for us. Surely we could work hard to provide this Dream; His Dream!  After my DESIRE turned Decision, I DROPPED TO MY KNEES TO GET SOME HELP FROM DEITY.  “Please God, I would love to DO this for him but I can’t do it without your help.”  Then we both went to work.

First I assessed the resources available to us.  I saw that on the BOSS website they had a scholarship program.  That was the first thing I could do to manifest a large amount toward the dream.  The next day, I secured myself in my office and filled out an application complete with a heart-filled letter about why I felt my husband was a deserving candidate of this dream. I did not tell Keith what I was doing and thankfully, he didn’t ask.

I wrote about how Keith came into my life after I  lost my first husband and how, after a special message from Heaven, we (my five children and I) presented him with six rings (the cheap kind you put around the napkins at a wedding), and asked him to marry us. I told them how he left his life as he knew it and came to our home to be the instant father of 5 children (while working the graveyard shift).

It wasn’t happily ever after, in truth, it was really hard and we teetered on the edge of divorce for several years. Somehow though, with love, commitment, & God’s help, we survived and finally our marriage thrived enough to bring two of our own children into the mix.

I told them that Keith is a rugged man who loves adventure and the outdoors. He loves wild animals, snakes, reptiles, and has a dream to have land and a mountain cabin someday.  I said that he grew up in Hawaii, surfing, hiking to waterfalls, spear-fishing and swimming in the ocean, and even cliff diving.  I told them that he loves hunting, fishing, and hiking but RARELY gets to do it.

“My husband works hard as an Industrial Journeyman and Pipe-fitter,” I wrote “And at 57 years old is also the father of 2 little ones, 5 step-children, & 3 grandchildren.  Since he works in construction, his work is very physical and he is out in the elements of rain, snow, cold, heat,& even the mud every day.  He often spends 6 hours or more of his day on a ladder, working with his arms over his head. Although he is young for his age and in good health, it is still exhausting.  He does this day after day (even though it is NOT something he enjoys) to provide for a big family.  “He wants,” I wrote, “He needs to get away, and he deserves to have a dream come true!  Please consider him for this scholarship and please consider quickly!”

After sending the application letter I decided to ENLIST THE ENERGY OF OTHERS too!  Energy power things, it makes them go, it makes them flow, IT MAKES THINGS HAPPEN!  I had already enlisted the POWER OF MY HIGHER POWER and adding the positive ENERGY OF OTHERS would propel it even more.

I did a Facebook post about my dream for my husband and that I had applied for the scholarship for him.  I even got really vulnerable by posting the letter I had sent. I did not ask for funds (although there are some cases where that would be warranted), but I did ask for Prayers and Positive Energy to be sent this dream.

The next day, we received an email that said,

“Dear JoLyn (and Keith),

On behalf of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, I am very pleased to notify you that your application for the BOSS Grants Program has been accepted. We have seen many outstanding applications come through but we felt yours was one of the very best. Congratulations!

We are extending to you a grant of $750 to attend a 7-Day Primitive Living Skills Course.”

“Holy Cow, Wow!” I thought.

After that and with God’s help, I worked even harder to manifest the rest of the money.  (Success Energy!) My Heavenly Father reminded me that we had recently sent in for the reimbursement of our dental claims.  The check reimbursing us (approx. $500), would be arriving any day.  Keith had been working overtime for a couple weeks, so that would help too. I began working on other ideas adding a bit here and a bit there until I felt like we could DO THIS DREAM (without DOING IT ON CREDIT). I even contacted our “BIG KIDS” and asked that anything they were planning on spending for his father’s day gifts, be contributed straight to his dream.  Our eldest daughter decided to contribute the amount for father’s day, Keith’s upcoming birthday and mine to the mix!

I surprised my husband Monday night by having him read the scholarship email.  Although he was super surprised and excited, as a provider, he quickly added two and two and said we still couldn’t afford it. And then……..(drum roll)…. I told him that WE COULD, adding up ALL of the other MANIFESTING MIRACLES that we MADE happen!  Wahooo!!!

I’ll admit that my husband got a bit stressed out trying to prepare for this excursion in only 5 days (while working overtime), but yesterday, (Father’s Day) he left on the excursion.  He was able to call me just before he left the training for the REAL DEAL.  His EXCITEMENT and his ENERGY was palpable! It made my heart sing and soar with the reality of his dream come true!  I also thanked God, Boss Survival and others for helping this dream come true!

The reason I share this with you the reader is because I have a passion for manifesting dreams and assisting others to do the same.  I hope that something I have shared will help you to MANIFEST MIRACLES and DREAMS for you and others.  If you would like my personal help with a dream, you may schedule a FREE “DREAM COACH CALL” at

I’m JoLyn Holladay; Mentor, Messenger, Mother of 7, & Manifester of DREAMS COME TRUE!

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  1. Love this JoLyn and love your faith…
    Did he have to travel to Colorado or where did this trip originate from? Details about where it takes place please?

    1. Author

      Thank you Janice! The energy of manifesting a dream for someone I love was literally ELECTRIC and so much fun! The 7 day Primitive Survival coarse was in southern Utah in Boulder. The company is called BOSS or Boulder Outdoor Survival School. I highly recommend them.

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