The Rest of the (Manifest for my Man) Story

You may not be old enough to remember Paul Harvey & The Rest of the Story but I do.  Here is the Rest of our Manifesting Story from last week.  In only one week, we were able to manifest a special Father’s Day surprise for my husband of a 7 day, survival Expedition (a dream come true for HIM).

As a mentor and motivational speaker one of my favorite things to do, is to manifest dreams and help others to do it too.  I teach it! I live it!  I love it!  I also love my husband but we are NOT alike, nor do we think alike.  He loves reptiles and I love comfortable sweaters.  He loves 80’s music, Pawn shops, Netflix, & collecting guns & knives.  I love chocolate, check lists, friends, the quiet at night, & collecting Hallmark movies.

A few years ago, I truly found my passion in learning and sharing Self-Empowerment.  On that journey, I’ve done a lot of changing, especially in changing my thought patterns and gaining confidence in myself and my competence.  One positive consequence of those changes is that I have OPENED UP TO POSSIBILITIES & POTENTIAL.  I opened up to DREAMING and then I started DOING the things that  would make those DREAMS COME TRUE!  I mastered the art of MANIFESTING!

I am now sharing this with others as a MENTOR and a MESSENGER, because EVERYONE deserves to MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE! So, all this said,  you know something about who I am and what I love.

One day, not too long ago, I started telling my husband about a dream I wanted to manifest.  (I’ll admit that my changing has been a little hard on him and he got frustrated).  “You and your crazy dreams,” he said.  Then I shot back that HE needed to learn how to dream and he said, “I do have dreams but YOU squelch ALL of them!”

“What?” I countered.  “No I don’t! You don’t have any dreams to squelch.”  Then, he began to list his wants, desires, & dreams.  These were things that I remembered him saying but not only had I squelched them, I HADN’T EVEN VALIDATED THEM AS DREAMS!”  I was shocked.  I was sad.  I was mad at myself for being so selfish. How could I, Manifester of Miracles, Dream Believer and Deliverer, not acknowledge or care about the dreams of my own husband?  How could I have let this happen?”

I’ve had awhile to think about this sad, selfish situation and make some changes.  When my husband came to me one week before Father’s day and showed me a dream of a survival course, I sat down by him and listened.  I looked at the website with him and looked at ways that we could make it happen.  We validated the fact that this DREAM was not an IF but a WHEN and then when he left the room, I started WORKING on the HOW AND THE NOW!

The DESIRE in me to validate HIS DREAM and make it come true became so great, I DETERMINED to MAKE it HAPPEN!  The course he really wanted was actually leaving in ONLY 1 week and we had NO money that we could put toward it.  I went into MANIFEST MODE and you know the rest from the last blog,  WE (I, God, & Others like you) MADE IT HAPPEN!

I didn’t ask others for funds from others but I did ask them to send positive energy (because energy is POWER), and I asked for prayers too.  I applied for a scholarship for my husband and got it and God and I worked on ideas to MANIFEST the rest.

This excursion left on Father’s Day and my husband was on it!  I can’t even describe to you the joy that manifesting HIS DREAM brought to me.! The energy (& remember that energy is POWER), was ELECTRIC!  I realized that helping others to manifest a dream is even more amazing that manifesting for yourself.  And, it’s even possible to MANIFEST MIRACLES!

However, I was so focused on manifesting the amount needed for the excursion (including the scholarship), that I FORGOT THAT THE WEEK HE WOULD BE GONE, HE WOULD RECEIVE NO PAY!  (He has no vacation or sick leave as an industrial plumber and pipefitter).

Part 2

Praise God in all things!

I Praise God that I did not think of this before because it may have stopped me.  As it was with the dream manifested, we simply found ways to may it work, willing to make sacrifices for his special dream.  I know it’s crazy but sacrificing in other areas, made us appreciate the dream even more.  Then …

A couple days before my husband left I took the car in to the mechanic because of some warning lights coming on.  While he was on his trip, our mechanic (who we’ve used for years and trust) determined that the Turbo starter was going out.  The parts alone to replace it are $3,500 dollars and with labor on top of that, the repair would be over $4,000.  Since the car is older, we have simply decided to replace it (although that is NOT easy either).

I Praise God that we didn’t know before the trip because this may have stopped us too.  As it is, we are simply finding a way. Where there is a will, there is always a way.  Every day, I am thanking God for helping me manifest this special dream for my husband.  Sacrificing for another is like paying your tithing.  When you give of what you have willingly to God or another, it comes back to you ten fold.  The windows of Heaven are open, pouring out blessings that we hardly have room to receive.  It’s one of those times when I trust and pray, “God, you know I’ve done my best, now You do the rest!”  Manifesting Miracles for the one you love, with the help of a FATHER up above.

FYI: This blog is the second in Matters of the Heart on Monday.  #MattersOfTheHeartOnMonday  (which I wrote on Monday but finished in the wee hours of Tuesday morning)

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